Fox News Artificial Intelligence Newsletter: Navy finds perfect wingman for carrier pilots

American aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford is seen from the air anchored in Italy in the Gulf of Trieste. The USS Gerald R. Ford is the largest warship in the world. (Andrej Tarfila/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) Welcome to Fox News’ Artificial Intelligence newsletter with the latest AI technology advancements. Subscribe now to get the … Read more

First thing to do if you got a new Android

So, you just brought home a brand new Android phone. It’s got that new phone smell and a spotless bright screen that puts a smile on your face. Now what? Well, if you’d like to make your tech feel more like an extension of you, good news. Android phones are especially easy to personalize. CLICK … Read more

Poison pill tool could break AI systems stealing unauthorized data, allowing artists to safeguard their works

A new image protection tool was designed to poison AI programs that are trained using unauthorized data, giving creators a new way to safeguard their pieces and harm systems they say are stealing their works.  Nightshade, a new tool from a University of Chicago team, puts data into an image’s pixels that damage AI image … Read more

Is your boss spying on you?

Did you know that your boss can watch what you’re up to when you’re working, especially if you’re using the company’s equipment or networks. That’s their legal right, but they also have to play by some rules, be transparent, and tell you about it. This way, you can trust them and they can avoid legal … Read more